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An Imperfect Death by Liz Graham

    Stolen money. A ruined reputation. A woman scorned…

    When Diana’s husband disappears – along with everyone’s money – she’s branded the most hated person in town. She knows Mark faked his own death and she’s determined to prove it.

    With no cash, no credit, and no influence, she’s desperate. But she’s willing to deceive the FBI, a Colombian drug lord, and the only friend she has left to salvage the remnants of her life and uncover the truth.

    The rumors of his death may be premature, but Diana will make damn sure he’s dead this time.

    If you love sordid crime, action and revenge mixed with humor, then you’ll love An Imperfect Death!

    My review:

    Diana Quenton comes off as spoiled, selfish and privileged right from the first pages of the book. She is all of those things and more – she is not your average heroine that’s for sure – and somehow I still started to like her by the end of the story, however unlikely that might seem. Her personality quirks and the way she reacts to her unfortunate situation is what makes the story so great, after all.

    This is not your standard mystery book where two experienced investigators are finding out the truth. That perfect, gorgeous, entitled brat of a woman decides that the hot FBI agent assigned to the case of her missing husband is not equipped to handle the situation well enough and wants to drag his sorry butt back home by herself! She faces several complications, of course. Having lost all her money, she is completely broke and has to loan money from one of the only people willing to help her. You follow Diana’s story as she chases down the lead to her husband’s whereabouts, being at the edge of your seat the whole ride, because you can never be sure if her conviction is leading her to her early grave, prison or to victory.

    I absolutely loved the book and recommend it with all my heart.

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