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Julebord (The Holiday Party) – Book II : A Story about Recent Events – CORRELATIONS TRILOGY

    Please note that the cover is my interpretation of it and the real book cover is not yet available.

    Should chief investigator James Wiley Redding of the Norwegian Police suspect that any of the doctors working in the small rural hospital of Godshus, located where a fjord meets the North Sea, might be linked to the gruesome discovery made on a December morning after their annual Julebord (holiday party)?

    Much more whodunit than a diversified nordic noir novel, JULEBORD is laced with what life is like to work in a small rural hospital, where things and humans occasionally get dirty. Not merely a piece of – at times – a bit upmarket crime fiction, the story brings to the realization that in today’s small global village we are linked to each other in some way – whether we want to be or not and cannot hide from the events that affect us all.

    Book II : A Story about Recent Events – JULEBORD (The Holiday Party), which takes place between August 26th, 1960 and December 23rd, 2019 is the first published volume of the Correlations Trilogy by David Øybo.

    WARNING: This story contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language, as well as descriptions of actions by characters some readers might find disturbing, upsetting, or offensive. It is intended for MATURE READERS ONLY. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    My Review:

    This is amazingly written story about a small hospidal’s staff in Godshus, Norway. Taking place through several medical personel perspectives during the most important moments of their lives up to the incident on one fateful December morning.

    For me, discovering how each and every character was connected to each other and to the incident in December was the best part of the book. The way this book is set up is unique on its own way and every page is full of new discoveries. All of the medical crises and hospidal scenes are masterfully written, and of course they are, David Øybo is writing through his own ecperience as a doctor and his deep knowledge of the field shows through his writing. It really pulls you in! I don’t often watch the hospidal shows, but I’ve seen Dr. House and some of the scenes truly reminded me of that series.

    Even as the warning lable says the actions of the characters may be disturbing or offensive, the characters themselves are incredibly well written, realistic – they are human and have the basic human needs and motivation and the author has portrayed them all in perfect clarity.

    As a bonus, the book introduces many Norwegian customs and treats that I absolutely loved learning about. Being from Northern Europe myself I feel more connected to Norway, Sweeden and Finland than most, but I believe that even if you don’t much care for the coutry itself you’ll find something intriquing and intresting in the book!

    Whether you are interested in a mind blowing mystery, medicine or Norwegian culture, Julebord (The Holiday Party) is a book for you!

    PS: I still want to try krumkake!

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