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Mongolhorde stories

    Hey adventurers, readers, travellers through written world. Here’s something I wrote in 2015. I went through it only editing out any major screaming tense and grammar mistakes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you still manage to find some. I found it very interesting to see how much I’ve grown as a writer over the years and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the story even though it is not totally polished.

    This is when I was playing Lineage 2 in a clan called Mongolhorde. They were like a family to me and I kind of ended it on a bad note. Reading it brought back a lot of memories and also what-the-fuck moments where I thought, seriously girl, you did just write that? Just like that? So bluntly?

    Even though the characters are based on real players of the game everything relayed in the story is a work of fiction.

    Trigger warning: There are mentions of sexual abuse.

    All rights reserved.

    1. The clan house

    2. – 6. parts are missing and I couldn’t find them. I believe it was mostly getting to know the clan members and now you’ll get an information overload trying to remember all the names. Good luck!

    The one that stumbled in covered in blood was Reaper, that much I remember. I think Erwanis healed him and Victoriel wondered over his skillset.

    7. Antharas

    8. Hideout

    10. Breather

    11. Aftermath

    12. Past: Shilen’s war

    13. Awake

    14. Past: The Camp

    15. Breaking the Ice

    16. It’s going good so far

    17. Falling

    18. is missing, but they most likely made another camp once they all got down the cliff safe and sound. Delpher and Fofo left to hunt for food when Tigger got a notification of a fortress under MongolHorde protection being under attack.

    19. The Battle

    20. Battle scars

    21. is missing 🙁 But I’m quessing Vist came back from his mission and brother and sister are united again!

    22. Reaper’s thoughts

    23. It’s paid now

    Before this part I wanted to add a warning of sexual violation even though it is slight. You can skip it to the ****


    24. is missing and I have no memory of what happened there.

    25. The Monastery of Silence


    26. Emotions run wild

    27. new friends

    28.-29. maybe a numeration mistake. Maybe something is missing? hmm..

    30. A fire


    31. Missing. I think it was something about Longwai and Wolf, but honestly, I have no idea.

    32. Followers of Shilen

    34. The power of love

    35. Get the egg

    36. Clan meeting

    37. Gifts

    38. Eavesdropping

    40. The new girls

    And then it just ended?

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