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Adapted, Book Two: Ice by Elizabeth Caroline

    Having discovered she is not alone in Westpoint, Claudia reveals her ability to her friends, each of whom has their own unique ability.

    They form a group aimed at seeking out more like them, and life seems to be on the up until an old family acquaintance with a long-standing grudge against her father uses her in a scheme to get back at him. She soon becomes the victim of a mind game that causes her to switch between herself and her alter ego. A switch that is so fluid that it causes even her to question which voice is truly hers.

    As she becomes lost in a mind game, it is up to her friends to push the limits of their abilities which they, each for their own reasons, have never tested before. 

    Claudia is facing off against another enemy, but this time she doesn’t have to do it alone! 

    Ice is the perfect sequel to Heat and even though the name might suggest a cooling of sorts things will heat up even more. Emotions run wild, Claudia runs wild and the battles are incredibly wild, too. Everything I loved about the first book is tenfold better in the second one. And what is more, we get to read from Solomon’s perspective! We get to read from Michael’s perspective! We get to know EVERYTHING! I absolutely enjoyed knowing more about Claudia’s friends and reading about the personal struggle she faces in this book.

    Can’t wait for the third book in the series! I know it’ll be even better!

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