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Turkey Troubles

    Autumn Hawk wakes up one morning, seized with a desire to visit her family for Thanksgiving. The only problem is she’s in London, they’re in Nevada, and Thanksgiving is only three days away.
    Her partner of two years, Edmund Blake, is used to her spontaneous adventures, a steadying force that keeps her life grounded. Their only point of contention is starting their own family. He wants one, and she’s not ready.
    Will exposure to her family be the spark that sets things off or blows everything up?

    Right off the bat of finishing the book I’m riding on adorable vibes, but it wasn’t adorable all the way through. Oh noo, there was drama, intrigue, rash decisions, shouting, infuriating characters and a lot of love. A lot of love being the main thing you should focus on, because a lot of love is what got Autumn and Edmund to star in the book in the first place. Their relationship is so sweet it just makes my heart swell. 

    Having been together for two years already Edmund and Autumn know each other through and through, or so they thought. They’ve accepted each other’s flaws and weaknesses, love each other despite all else, but there are some fundamental things they’ve never really discussed. Things, where their opinions do not match. Those things come to light during Thanksgiving at Autumn’s parents place where Edmund and Autumn fight against odds to stay together regardless of countless jabs and accusations delicately pointed their way.

    I said this book contains infuriating characters. It does! But our main couple doesn’t belong under that classification. Even as Autumn is absolutely crazy in a way that I’ve come to see all Cyprus Hart female protagonists are, she is also pure hearted, lively and determined. In her enthusiasm to explore the world through unthinkable adventures, she doesn’t stop to consider the logistics, doesn’t worry about any of the boring stuff like booking a room or if she has her passport with her – that’s what Edmund is for! Autumn just goes and does and sees and experiences the world. There is no idea too big or too crazy, unless it’s breeding pigeons, because Edmund says they have no space for breeding pigeons in their apartment just now. Only Edmund can restrain Autumn’s wild energy, but he’s got to pick his battles carefully. No pigeons means a surprise last minute trip across oceans, you can’t say no to everything Autumn suggests. You do that and she flees in her wish to be free. If there’s anything Autumn wants more than adventures it’s to be free.

    Edmund has learned very well to navigate Autumn’s moods and desires. Autumn says he managed to figure her out the moment they met, which is why she stuck around for so long. The patience and resolve in this man is very attractive. Where Autumn is a ticking time bomb about to explode, Edmund is the only one able to diffuse the explosive. So damn understanding, attentive and considerate, he seems to have no faults an eye can see. Autumn is chaotic, but Edmund is practical and calculating. They fit together like yin and yang. Opposites attract and in this case fit together like puzzle pieces. However, as I fell in love with Ulysses Sherman (Better Beginnings) and Harrison Amiri (Love Language), Edmund only warmed my heart a little. Still, in the way all Cyprus Hart male characters seem to be, he was pretty damn perfect. I’m getting a feeling those books mean to show how much of our craziness men put up with out of love. And they don’t even consider it’s all that crazy! Somehow, they don’t even see women are kind of insane!

    It’s another 5-star read by Cyprus Hart. Loved it, the thoughts it evoked in me and adored the couple. Want to take an intense trip to Nevada for an unforgettable Thanksgiving holiday this book is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

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