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Through Fire & Ruin by Jennifer Becker and Alice Karpiel

    Some lies are ruin…

    For centuries, humans have been at the mercy of the fae. With the border between Earth and Liraen spelled shut, humans have no desire to entangle themselves with the fae world again. But what if they are humanity’s only hope?

    LORA has been warned of the fae her entire life. Yet when a deadly virus sweeps Earth, Lora risks everything to find a cure. Spinning the perfect lie, she makes a deal with Eyden, a mysterious fae trader. As Lora struggles to keep the promises she has made to both her family and Eyden, she is forced to dig deeper into the twisted world of Liraen — her web of lies unravelling.

    AMIRA has spent years trapped by her brother in her childhood palace. Her engagement to the soon-to-be High King of Liraen is her only hope for the freedom she has been longing for. As the future Queen, she seeks to finally leave her painful past behind. But she soon discovers that the palace holds dark secrets — bringing up memories Amira had long since tried to erase.

    As power games are woven, promises are broken, and desperate lies are revealed, Lora and Amira both find themselves at crossroads. Will they risk it all and face ruin?

    This book stole my soul, ripped out my heart and crushed it between the very pages. Wow. 

    I fell in deep right on the get-go when Lora was introduced. A strong, stubborn female lead that is sure to keep things interesting wherever she goes, because to the places she goes no one she knows can follow. I got sucked through the portal right along with her as she entered the fairyland and fell into the arms of Eyden. 

    Oh my gods how I loved Eyden!! And I loved Rhay. I absolutely hated Amira’s brother and despised Karwyn. So many emotions all mixed up in a perfect book cocktail. I never wanted it to end! Why did it have to end?!

    Lora is a perfectly normal human girl with a perfectly normal secret. Oh wait, she aint all that normal and her secret is the only thing able to save her mother when she fell sick with a deadly virus. Her only purpose is to find a cure and get back home safely. Only the cure is across the border in a Fae world full of dangers and safety is never guaranteed. Making a deal with what might as well have been a devil, Lora plunges into her quest in a stubborn rush. Only, Eyden is digging deeper into her heart the longer Lora stays in the fairy world and her priorities get mingled up with new missions. Eyden dug deep into my heart, too! With every remark and word play they exchanged my heart beat faster for them! And oh my god, the fire those two harbored makes me blush.

    Eyden gave me, at the beginning when him and Lora just met, an older uncle vibes . No idea why, don’t ask me. That quickly changed once they started to get to know each other better with one sarcastic comment after another. Really loved every bit of him and I’ve got so many questions. So many!

    Amira has a whole lot of problems, keeping her mother safe is just the tip of the iceberg. Only, Amira’s mother needs no cure for a deadly illness and the only way to keep her safe is following the commands of her cruel brother and marrying an even crueler tyrant. Oh yes, Amira has an amazing life as a half-fae princess without any power to speak of. She gets pushed and pulled around like a puppet on strings. The only positive thing in her life in the foreign court is Rhay. Rhay the king’s best friend, the very same king Amira is supposed to marry. Rhay the fae that quite likely has fallen in love with her. Rhay that has got to keep a secret bigger than loving his best friend’s bride! Oh my god! And that’s when my heart screamed.

    Rhay!! So many good scenes with him. I love him to bits, I really do. Drowning his worries in sarcasm and alcohol is Rhay’s way to live. And ofcourse the parties. Endless parties. But despite being the best friend of a cruel ruler, Rhay has a good heart and that’ll get him in trouble. So much trouble! You’ll just have to find out for yourselves!

    All in all, reading Through Fire & Ruin was a rollercoaster ride and it was waaay too short for my liking! There’s got to be more coming and now! I need it right now!

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