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Havoc by Paityn Parque

    They had all killed themselves.

    Waking up in the heart of Engine, Shadow only has one goal in mind: destroy the place that made her life hell. Easier said than done. Put in a horrifying position as Engine’s assassin, she has no other choice but to follow their twisted ways.

    Stripped of everything she’s grown to rely on, Shadow must keep her team safe and come up with a plan. But nothing was ever as it seemed. Her sanity starts to slip as answers are discovered. Escape soon becomes a dire thirst—her team is jeopardized—and time is running out.

    Jack never wanted to end everything. But he had to die; someone needed to save her. Fixated on keeping his team alive, Jack realizes that there’s no going back. Or escaping. She wants to get revenge—but that would cost their lives.

    Severely injured and divided on different sides, Jack must find the foundation that started it all to heal him. Otherwise, they were all going to die.

    With Engine picking them off one by one, the team must find a way to escape—all with one life.

    I had such a pleasure beta-reading for Paityn and fell in love with the characters all over again. It was such an easy thing to do since they all got their own perspectives!!
    The journey takes our beloved group to the heart of Engine where they have a completely different battle to face altogether. Powerless at the hands of the enemy they begin plotting an escape.
    It is thrilling, will keep you at the edge of your seat and you’ll be dying to know what will happen to Shadow next. What will Jack, Zag and Tiago do? How can they possibly leave her behind? What, what, what!!?
    You’ll just have to read to find out, especially if you enjoyed Madness.

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