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Group Studies: The Thorns of Charbon Institute by Kate Messick

    To say my start at Charbon didn’t go well would be an understatement.

    Now, socially outcast with limited access to my magic, I must find a way to keep safe from those who want to use me, and from the Magical Authorities desperate to control me.

    I’m denied the men my heart desires while my power rages inside me, ready to explode at any moment.

    Although I feel alone, the new incredibly hot transfer student sticks to me like glue. Only he’s a walking mystery and I still don’t know who to trust.

    Group Studies is a fast burn, reverse harem, dark bully romance with M/M/F and M/F themes. The trilogy is a college-age academy setting, 18+. All three books are written and complete the story. Please be aware there may be triggers, see inside of book for the list.

    The second book to the Thorns of Charbon Institute did not disappoint. It was everything I expected it to be after reading Self Studies, and more. 

    We get to know Ashe, the mysterious hottie who saved his Kitten from the suitcase. Brooding and overprotective, this new edition to Aphrodite’s harem hides secrets beyond what anyone would ever expect. Keeping all the other men away from her becomes his biggest challenge that he repeatedly fails on. And his reactions are absolutely fun to read!

    Seeing Aphrodite — Aphy, Dot, Kitten, Goddess — grow as a person and in her magic was very satisfying. And all the twists and turns this book took kept me on my toes. 

    Among all the fantastic things, one thing from the very end bothered me. A scene from the director’s office. It wasn’t really the scene itself, because that would’ve been great in any other situation, but the (medical) condition Aphrodite was in. Perhaps magic had healed her already? Without giving anything away, I’m going to leave it at that. 

    Group studies is a steamy, dark, fascinating story that takes you on a wild ride!

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