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Donnie by Jennifer Marcia

    Donnie Lowe never stopped loving the first woman to own his heart. She was his secret lover ten years ago. At the time, he wanted to protect her. She was young and innocent with her whole life ahead of her. He was the President of a gun-running MC. He didn’t have a right to corrupt her, but he’d done it anyway.

    Aurora Dewitt isn’t the same woman she’d been a decade ago when she asked her lover to kill the man who had murdered her little sister. Having left the only man who had ever really owned her heart because he didn’t want her in his world, she clawed her way to the top of her own criminal enterprise. Aurora didn’t need a man to do her dirty work now.

    They had every intention of leaving the past where it belonged. They didn’t know working together to stop the Cartel would bring back so many memories. It was only supposed to be a way to release stress; neither of them wanted to relive the rejection of their past together. How could they know they’d never stopped loving each other?

    If you like:
    – motorcycle clubs
    -criminal enterprises
    -second chance romance
    -age gap
    -bad assery

    then Donnie is the book for you!

    Aurora is a bad ass head of a cage fighting enterprice, having worked herself up on the criminal ladder after her sister died. She has avoided Donnie ever since, because he refused to off her sister’s killer for her, which is why Aurora found herself different means to do it.
    Donnie is the president of the Brotherhood MC, dealing mainly in guns and is dead against human trafficing through his territory. He is also damn hot and irresistable. When several things start going south in their territory Donnie and Aurora are forced to work together. In the process, a long died flame reignites.

    I absolutely loved the character building in this book. I loved the way the MC men sounded like, the way they talked. It felt real. I enjoyed getting the big talk about how bad ass Aurora is without getting any proof, until we saw her in action! And damn she had some action in her. Also the way she was portrayed bad-ass, yet vurlneble at the same time made her character so much more likable.
    Donnie’s love for Aurora was just aaaaahhhhh! Him claiming her without her permission…!!! The whole scene after that….!! I mean, for me, that was the best part of the story. The clash had so many emotions in it that just flew off the pages.
    There were a few scenes I found a bit lagging, but the rest truly made up for it.
    I did encounter some tense jumping and minor typos that I’m sure the author will fix shortly, if they’re not fixed already. I read the ARC copy of the book.

    All in all, this was a very entertaining read. I haven’t read the first book in the Brotherhood MC, but I intend to!!

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