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Fast Flick by Devi Duarta

    Tyler “Fast Flick” Handro never let an opportunity slip. Especially when it included pretty girls.
    After two years of touring, barhopping and playing a game of darts felt like coming home again.
    Using it as a lousy setup to gain her phone number? Absolutely! Because, goddamn, his teammate certainly did not leave things unfazed.
    And he didn’t just mean the bad boy in his pants.
    Because playing a song in front of thousands of fans in his boxer shorts to win her back probably meant she could have tattooed her name on his heart.

    Chenoa Cipriani kept herself on a down-low. Well, as much as a stripper could.
    Until she caught this cheeky guy’s attention. And she wasn’t even twirling around a pole.
    Daddy issues aside, he probably would be cocky enough not to help her overcome those, anyway.
    And sure, he would not find out what she did for a living before she had her ducks in a row, right?
    She was wrong on so many levels.
    Deceiving the ones she loved was in her blood, after all.

    Fast Flick follows the story of Tyler and Chenoa. Tyler is just back from a world tour with his band, Chenoa works as a strip- I mean exotic dancer. It is incredibly exciting to see their relationship unfold, since Tyler is a no-commitment kind of guy, but falls so hard for Che he can’t even think straight and Chenoa is keeping her proffession secret. All of their encounters are hot and steamy!

    Both of the characters are layered and so well written.

    I absolutely love the guys of As Madness Thrives! Love them to bits. I swear if they were a real band, I’d be their biggest fan and not only because they make bad-ass music, but because of the people they are.
    Okay, well, Dante scares me, but then again, he probably scares everybody. Elec is absolutely boundry-less, which makes him such an interesting character to follow. Trac seems so sweet and loyal, although he’s the one I know least about. Rover is outgoing and crazy, even though he’s dealing with so much. And Tyler…
    Tyler is so fcking hot.
    This is his book.

    I had a chance to read Rover’s book before reading Fast Flick and I’ve got the author to thank for that. It’s certainly something to look forward to! The connections between the two books were so incredibly well done and I loved it.

    I really truly enjoyed this book.

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