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The Color of Your Voice by Daniel Newwyn

    Violet Pham can see sounds. She believes she was born to become a painter, but after being labeled as good-for-nothing by everyone around her, she questions that belief. As she falls deep into the pits of depression, the colors around the sounds become a curse rather than a gift. With her future unsettled and her family mired in debt, Violet decides to run away from everything.

    Turner Nguyen—the gang enforcer tasked with browbeating Violet’s mother—is the last person she should turn to. However, her impression of him changes after he escorts her out of town, away from her troubled past. She finds herself increasingly dependent on him, but with his gang’s political conflict reaching its climax, Turner can barely steer his own life. And when salvation comes at the cost of morality, a wrong decision can send them down the path of destruction.

    Sets in 2010s Vietnam, ‘The Color of Your Voice’ poses the question of universal expectation toward traditional social class, gender roles, and mental illness. Following the love story of two individuals walking on the knife’s edge between chasing their dreams and surrendering to their fates, Daniel Newwyn’s debut novella is bound to break some hearts.

    Disclaimer: ‘The Color of Your Voice’ is a novella set in Vietnam, dealing with heavy themes such as prostitution, drug trafficking, and depression. The author in no way encourages or glorifies prostitution and drug trafficking.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – very strong 5 stars
    💔💔💔💔💔 – I’m also giving this book 5 broken hearts, because it deserves a good cry.
    Genre: contemporary romance, more like a tragic love story. A very, very low fantasy

    – Age-Cap
    – Gang
    – Prostitution
    – Past Traumas

    “Day 2000: I’m still alive.”

    My heart cries. There is a pain in my throat from the lump that got stuck there ever since I reached about 80% read and I swear I cried so hard. This story broke me apart. And I want everyone to feel this pain that this book made me go through, so Read This Book!

    ‘The Color of Your Voice’ is such a beautifully written book. It creeps into your heart slowly, deliberately and little by little until the point of no return. I loved it so damn much it hurts.

    Turner is a debt collector in the local gang. His job is to follow orders and beat up people. Does he like it? No. Does he have any other choice? Also no. Life is tough for him and he lives by the motto “I work like a dog to spend like a beast.” His distinct voice is so characteristic and I really enjoyed seeing the world through his eyes.

    Violet is innocent and sweet. Afraid, insecure and shy. She is literally the exact opposite of Turner. Her biggest fear is that she is not useful, which is what makes her drop her passion of painting to sell her body for living, and to help her mother pay back the debt she owes to the gang.

    “You are not just any other girl. You’re my idol, ya see. And I’m a fan; one devoted fan who wants to see your paintings. If you jump, I won’t have the chance to see them.”

    Their love story is so tentatively approached and heartwarming. Absolutely beautiful. It now has all of my heart.

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