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Wilde: The Ridge MC by Susan Stradiotto (Throttle Me)

    Nothin’s cozy about this small town.

    Ridge life is all I’ve ever known, where the land is harsh and the men harsher. On the Arizona map, my tiny hometown is Park Ridge, but we call it The Ridge . There’s only one enterprise in the middle-of-nowhere between LA, Phoenix, Vegas, and the Mexican border—running drugs—and the local MC has the market cornered. Even the town cop answers to the prez.

    I’m Bou, pronounced like a ghost sound or Boo Radley. It’s short for something I don’t talk about—ever. The Ridge might not sound like a fun place, but it’s home, and I hold my own with my buddies Smith and Wesson . I’ve grown to love my little corner of the world, the red sands at sunrise, and the solitude of a desert night. People don’t pass through the Ridge, so when a stranger crashes his bike outside my shop, it’s clear. Ridge life is about to change.

    I grew up fast in an East Compton trailer park not far from the Los Angeles River. Under pressure from the law, I left “home,” and ran a small drug ring under the radar of the big gangs until one of the prominent leaders used my old man’s crimes to set me up with the LAPD. I may not be big time, but I take care of what’s mine. When turning the tables on the LA gang leader stirs up more trouble than I bargained for, where do I end up? Alone. On the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Bullet in my shoulder. Bike wrecked. Leg—well, I’m not walking anywhere soon. As it turns out, gang wars and bullets have nothing on the little spitfire who comes to my rescue.

    Author’s Note
    This book contains situations that may be tough too read, including violence, death of family, abuse of family, language, and non-consentual situations. Your mental health is important, so please consider any triggers this may cause prior to reading.

    *This book was previously published in the “Tease Me” collection under the title “Throttle Me.”

    I’m slowly reading through the Tease Me boxset, and while the set is not available any longer the authors are re-publishing their books under new names. Throttle Me is the third book I’ve finished from the set and it is now up for preorder as Wilde: The Ridge MC.

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Genre: Contemporary Romance

    -Motorcycle club
    -Found Family

    -Stuck together

    – Violence

    – Rape

    Bou and Wilde’s story is heartbreaking and intense. It takes them through so much pain that brings them closer together. That strength in those characters is so admirable and my heart goes out for both of them.

    Wilde’s motorcycle crashes in the ditch in front of Bou’s repair shop when he’s  being chased by an enemy club. A man like him takes having a broken leg from the accident in a way you’d expect: refusing painkillers, and stumbling through the pain. It was fun getting to know him in this weakened state. He needs to get on his feet, get back on his bike and deal with business, but he is stuck with Bou until his leg heals. And he is starting to like his predicament! That tension between them is hot as f… Really truly addicting. And they are dancing around their attraction and desire.

    Bou’s a tough woman. She grew up in the Ridge, established herself as one of the guys and nobody fucks with her, although they want to. Oh damn how they want to. Capable of protecting herself with guns around her workshop, she still ends up taken by surprise. I’m so fucking glad that Wilde was there to rage upon the situation, with his broken leg and all.

    Those two broken souls find a home in each other and I am thoroughly happy with the way this book ended. I really, really needed this ending, because somewhere along the road this book got incredibly heavy. I suggest checking out the trigger warnings, because there are graphic scenes involving all sorts of violence. If you don’t mind any of that, this story is waiting for you to fall hard.

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