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Don’t Let Me Fall by Kelsie Rae

    I want a girl I can’t have.
    She’s my tutor.
    My best friend’s girlfriend.
    And my kryptonite.
    She also looks really good in my T-shirt.

    But she wants the golden boy, and I’m more of the villain type.
    Or at least I was….
    Until I saw her smile for the first time.

    But the good guy she wants wouldn’t lust after his friend’s girlfriend.
    And the good guy she’s with sure as hell shouldn’t be sneaking around behind her back.

    So where does that leave me?

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Genre: Contemporary Romance

    So many feels! What an incredible love story. 

    In a way I saw a little bit of myself in Ashlyn. Her trusting nature, her inability to speak up, her need to feel love that made her settle for less than she deserves. I’ve been there, done that, too. The struggle is real and so incredibly relatable. That willingness to wipe things under the rug and keep up a facade that her relationship with Logan—a total shithead, mind me—is not running off the rails is what many women do. Compromising, making excuses for that bastard, not having the courage to express her feelings is not something a healthy relationship should have. And her relationship with Logan was, the shithead, was anything but healthy. Not only because he did not treat her right and wasn’t ready to listen to her, but because he was a total scumbag and a cheater. That’s when Colt sweeps in, and oh boy is he a swoon worthy man. Under his attentive care, Ashlyn finally starts to learn what love is supposed to feel like. 

    I loved it, I really truly loved it. Their journey was so incredibly well written with their ups and downs and all arounds. The emotions jumped off the pages, the doubt, fear, anger, yearning and love—you could literally feel it and it’s absolutely amazing when writing comes alive like this. Those characters, Ash and Colt, they are not just fictional, they are real, they feel real, they think real thoughts, do real things, react in such a real way it is impossible to deny their existence. 

    I cry at happy endings, so obviously, I was in tears by the time this book ended. Again, loved it!

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