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Chuck Tucker investigations

    Chuck Tucker investigations The Club Shooting The beat was sick and the crowd wild. I might’ve had one too many shots, but it didn’t matter when the stunning blonde ran her hands down my chest. We were crammed up against the bar with a bunch of other partygoers, most of them pissed off drunk or on their way to it. I’d ordered her a cocktail, but she was already slurring her words before I squeezed in next to her. A couple of compliments and suggestive comments later and she was leaning into me. Not my usual type, but she was hot as fuck and I didnt bother to care about the rest when she bit down on my earlobe. Fuck. I pulled her closer to me, letting her know exactly what I thought of her sneaky tongue and soft lips sucking on my neck. Her breasts pressed up against my chest were probably fake, but that ass I was gripping was perfectly firm, perfection. It was my day off, nothing to stop me from having some much needed release. The local club, Wicked Angels, was as good a place as any to find what I needed and the woman writhing against me was ready to give it.  There were too many people around. Drunk or not, this wasn’t the place to continue our introductions. She seemed to be on the same page, because as her hands roamed around my chest, her lips uttered exactly what I was thinking. “Let’s get… Read More »Chuck Tucker investigations

    Make You Stay by ML Broome

      𝐌𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐲 is a steamy, contemporary romance 💗 Slow Burn🤍 Friends to Lovers💗 Single Dad🤍 Feisty Heroine Aidan: I’m perfectly content with my life, until Chloe walks through the door, upending any semblance of balance. Chloe is one of those fast-talking New Yorkers with an opinion about everything. Never mind that most of them are correct. She also has the greatest ass on the planet, along with a sex kitten smile that threatens to undo me every time we meet. But we want different things from life, and neither of us are willing to compromise. I have to keep my distance, no matter how much my heart wants to make her stay. Chloe: My holiday plans never included a funeral, or the grizzly bear in a suit scowling at me throughout the service, but here I am. Turns out the grizzly is named Aidan, and he’s actually a big softie beneath his shaggy beard. A big softie with rock hard abs. He’s fun, flirty, and dangerously attractive, but we’re strictly friends. There’s no crossing that line, although with each passing night, he’s getting harder to resist. I changed my life for love once before and I won’t do it again, no matter how much my heart wants him to make me stay. Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – fuck it, this one is 10 out of 5Steam: PERFECT! And I do mean perfect. Forget the fire icons, this one deserves simply perfect. Genre: Contemporary Romance -Single dad -Friends to lovers -Opposites Attract… Read More »Make You Stay by ML Broome

      Nerve – A Pulstar Prequel by Giancarlo Roversi

        Seeking redemption, a discredited agent investigates the perplexing death of an elderly millionaire, unearthing a macabre scheme that might involve himself. Astralvia: a nation on the verge of collapse. Jon Creepel, an elderly millionaire and CEO of a leading high-tech corporation, is dead. Discredited Agent Graham Squirrel investigates this disconcerting death. It’s his chance to clear his name and return to the Federal Police job he lives for. As he delves deeper into the inquiries, he discovers layers of intrigue, secrets, and plots on a significant macabre scale. Working alongside Zabrinah Yorkt, a mysterious and complicated intelligence agent, brings extra challenges and triggers questions Squirrel would never have anticipated. He has to escape the sinister threat looming over him and find out why they assigned him to the case, but nothing is what it seems. And he’s about to discover the truth … he’s about to meet the Nerve. Join Agent Squirrel to see if he cracks the mystery of Creepel’s death and survives the investigation in this suspenseful, mystery-packed sci-fi thriller. Nerve is the enigmatic prequel to the gripping Pulstar trilogy (although you can also read it as a stand-alone novel), which took over ten years to make and has a soundtrack in production. Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Genre: Speculative Science Fiction -Existential topics -Right & wrong and how far are you willing to bend the line between them? -Another plane of existence -What logic can’t explain is not always untrue Nerve is a spectacular speculative science fiction. It is a prequel… Read More »Nerve – A Pulstar Prequel by Giancarlo Roversi

        Wilde: The Ridge MC by Susan Stradiotto (Throttle Me)

          Nothin’s cozy about this small town. BouRidge life is all I’ve ever known, where the land is harsh and the men harsher. On the Arizona map, my tiny hometown is Park Ridge, but we call it The Ridge . There’s only one enterprise in the middle-of-nowhere between LA, Phoenix, Vegas, and the Mexican border—running drugs—and the local MC has the market cornered. Even the town cop answers to the prez. I’m Bou, pronounced like a ghost sound or Boo Radley. It’s short for something I don’t talk about—ever. The Ridge might not sound like a fun place, but it’s home, and I hold my own with my buddies Smith and Wesson . I’ve grown to love my little corner of the world, the red sands at sunrise, and the solitude of a desert night. People don’t pass through the Ridge, so when a stranger crashes his bike outside my shop, it’s clear. Ridge life is about to change. WildeI grew up fast in an East Compton trailer park not far from the Los Angeles River. Under pressure from the law, I left “home,” and ran a small drug ring under the radar of the big gangs until one of the prominent leaders used my old man’s crimes to set me up with the LAPD. I may not be big time, but I take care of what’s mine. When turning the tables on the LA gang leader stirs up more trouble than I bargained for, where do I end up? Alone.… Read More »Wilde: The Ridge MC by Susan Stradiotto (Throttle Me)

          Marked for Ruin by Lissa Bolts

            Hey… it’s Nora. Again. And this time, I’m in way over my head. The jinn are being hunted right and left, and as their unwitting leader, that paints a sparkly neon target on my back.  Yay, me.  The druids are my biggest threat—dark sorcerers who fuel their filthy magic by feasting on the souls of others like they’re at an all-you-can-eat buffet. As for me, well… I’m the main course.  But I’ve got news for them. This jinn is off the menu because I’m done running.  Rafe and I are finally on the same page and although I want nothing more than to get lost in those depthless grey eyes, we’ve got work to do. He’s sacrificed so much to ensure my survival but the other jinn doubt my ability to lead and what’s worse, I’ve gone and allied myself with the fae. The fae! They’ve forced me to see the cost of the druids’ magic—a plague of darkness spreading across the land. If left unchecked, it will consume everyone and everything in its path.  And the only one powerful enough to stand against them? The one with an actual chance at making them pay? You guessed it. Me. This is the third and final book in an all-new urban fantasy series: Stones & Curses. It’s got dragons, fae, vampires, jinn, shifters, and a whole lot more. If you love fierce heroines, heart-pumping adventure, a hint of swoony romance, and lots of mind-bending twists, then this is the series for you! Book review for Marked… Read More »Marked for Ruin by Lissa Bolts

            Soul Marked by Lissa Bolts

              Oh, hey. Nora here. Soooo magic is definitely real. And I guess I’ve been living under a rock because now they’re telling me that I’m the last in a long line of practically extinct jinn.  Nuts, right? I’m having trouble believing it myself, but that’s not even my biggest problem. I’ve got fatter fae to fry. Like the fact that I put my trust in the wrong person.  It sucks because I thought he was different, that he actually cared for me. Boy, was I wrong. Now, I’m locked up in a strange place with stranger people and I’ve got one goal on my mind: escape. Revenge too, but we’ll get there eventually.  Everyone wants something from me, my list of mortal enemies is growing, and I’m having a hard time finding anyone I can trust. To top it off, my newfound powers are causing serious problems.  When it rains, it pours.  Literally. Because apparently, I can control the weather… among other things.  It’s a good thing I’m a quick learner because I’m the new key player in a deadly game of magic where I don’t even know the rules. And when I finally find Rafe, I’ll make him pay with the one thing ripe for my taking… His soul. This is the second book in an all-new urban fantasy series: Stones & Curses. It’s got dragons, fae, vampires, jinn, shifters, and a whole lot more. If you love fierce heroines, heart-pumping adventure, a hint of swoony romance, and lots… Read More »Soul Marked by Lissa Bolts