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Chuck Tucker investigations

    Chuck Tucker investigations The Club Shooting The beat was sick and the crowd wild. I might’ve had one too many shots, but it didn’t matter when the stunning blonde ran her hands down my chest. We were crammed up against the bar with a bunch of other partygoers, most of them pissed off drunk or on their way to it. I’d ordered her a cocktail, but she was already slurring her words before I squeezed in next to her. A couple of compliments and suggestive comments later and she was leaning into me. Not my usual type, but she was hot as fuck and I didnt bother to care about the rest when she bit down on my earlobe. Fuck. I pulled her closer to me, letting her know exactly what I thought of her sneaky tongue and soft lips sucking on my neck. Her breasts pressed up against my chest were probably fake, but that ass I was gripping was perfectly firm, perfection. It was my day off, nothing to stop me from having some much needed release. The local club, Wicked Angels, was as good a place as any to find what I needed and the woman writhing against me was ready to give it.  There were too many people around. Drunk or not, this wasn’t the place to continue our introductions. She seemed to be on the same page, because as her hands roamed around my chest, her lips uttered exactly what I was thinking. “Let’s get… Read More »Chuck Tucker investigations

    Alex Austin

      About the author Tell us your story? What made you start writing?* I’d always been an obsessive reader, cereal boxes and warning labels, comic books (bought or stolen), then short stories and novels, but I didn’t write much (except, countless repetitions of “I will not talk in class.”) After high school (and a brief stint in the shipping department of the Peter Pan Swimwear Company in Newark, New Jersey), I joined the Navy. In the service, I enjoyed penning letters to family, buddies, and girlfriends. I liked riffing off my environment, the setting and people around me, using some detail I hoped would surprise or amuse my correspondents, perhaps make them laugh. I liked making stuff up. Honorably discharged from the military, I decided to advance my education, took the SATs and did okay, which I attribute to my obsessive reading. I enrolled in a local college, where it was suggested I major in history. Sure. In one of the required English courses, I wrote a character sketch the instructor liked so much he suggested I submit it to the college literary magazine. I did, and it was promptly rejected, but with faint praise—enough to raise some hope. A year later, I moved to California and attended UCLA, where I would get a BA in history, but by then my interests had turned to less academic writing. So, while I was reading Huizinga’s The Waning of the Middle Ages, I peddled satire to alternative weeklies. I also took a few… Read More »Alex Austin

      Self Studies (The Thorns of Charbon Institute #1)

        I knew nothing but the touch of my master until the Magical Authorities killed him and set my world on fire. Now, I’m a prisoner at an institute stressing students beyond their limits. I’m a sorceress who can’t access her magic and wanted by wickedly handsome mages who all have their own agenda. I spent my life following directions. Now I can make my own decisions, I don’t know the right ones. Why is saying ‘no’ so hard? With the administration judging every action I take and weighing them on their uneven scales of morality, I must come to terms with my darkness to survive and, if I’m lucky, even gain my freedom. Self studies is a fast burn, reverse harem, dark bully romance with M/M/F and M/F themes. The trilogy is a college-age academy setting, 18+. All three books are written and complete the story. Please be aware there may be triggers, see inside of book for the list. This paranormal romance deals with the darker parts of human nature and how Aphrodite struggles through waves of hate to become a better version of herself and eventually — hopefully — fit into the society. Having grown up isolated from the world under a strict Master-Slave situation, she knew nothing else until her Master was killed and she got taken to a magical academy to learn to control and use her magic in an approved way. To top it off, every time she used magic, or people used magic around… Read More »Self Studies (The Thorns of Charbon Institute #1)

        End Man by Alex Austin

          Once your life is diluted to ones and zeroes on the End Man’s desk, it’s over. Or is it? Afflicted with dromophobia, the fear of crossing streets, 26-year-old Raphael Lennon must live out his life within the four thoroughfares that border his Los Angeles neighborhood. Luckily, he found a fulfilling job within his space as an End Man at Norval Portals where Raphael is the best possum hunter in the company. He hunts the dead who live, people hiding under the guise of death. He doesn’t want to bring these “possums” to justice but to keep them out of his firm’s necrology database so their presence doesn’t crash the whole system. When the company founder assigns Raphael a fresh case, he sets aside all other work to investigate Jason Klaes, a maverick physicist with boundary-pushing theories that may have attracted unwanted and sinister attention. Raphael soon discovers messages sent by Klaes after his supposed death—threats to people who have subsequently died. As he digs deeper, he receives his own message from Klaes, a baffling command to pursue the truth. As he unravels the mystery, he unearths the secrets of his own phobia-plagued life and the inner workings of Norval, whose corporate ambitions include a nightmarish spin-off of its product. Raphael must stop them or he’ll never be free and neither will anyone else. First of all, I want to thank Alex Austin for providing me with an ARC of his book, because WOW… His book is hiding a deeper and… Read More »End Man by Alex Austin

          V.S. Nelson

            About the author Tell us your story? What made you start writing? I’m not sure. I just got it into my head when I was 18 that I wanted to write stories and I’ve been doing it ever since. The very first stories I wrote were terrible and it took me a long time to write anything that could be considered good, let alone great. Now, almost 20 years later, I’m finally writing the stories I wanted to write when I was 18. It’s been a long road to get to this point and I’ll be the first to admit I have no natural talent as a writer. Any skills I now have are the product of hard work and a great deal of tenacity. Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without? Daydreaming. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re after, but I’m a chronic daydreamer. I have daydreams that are part of a saga that has lasted years, with the people in the daydreams ageing as the daydream progresses. It’s not that my life is bad, it’s actually pretty great, but I do need my daydreams to survive. If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to? I’d love to see how the universe was created, so about 13.7 billion years ago. Though I’m not sure exactly how I would exist in a universe during its early state. I suspect I’d need to be a ghost of some kind… Read More »V.S. Nelson

            The Archivist by V.S. Nelson

              Death is not the end There is no God waiting for you in paradise. No afterlife where friendships severed by death are reformed and families reunited. There is only the Aether, a dimension of insatiable hunger that will possess you no matter the life you led or the beliefs you held. Yet there is hope for a lucky few. Archivists, existing between the world of the living and the world of the dead, can offer salvation… for a price. Taking your essence in the final moments before death, they become your afterlife, allowing you to speak with those who remain. When the last archivist is tricked into murder by troubled teenager Sun-young Kang, he finds himself the centre of a suicide cult that die at his feet. But there is more to these deaths than the Archivist realises. Someone is coming for him. The Archivist may be the closest thing to a god that walks the Earth, but is that enough to keep those he cares about safe? May the Aether be merciful. This book broke my heart! Squeezed it so damn hard it shattered to pieces and got pulled into the Aether, where nothing but hunger and death resides. Oh. My. God – I mean Archivist – as clearly God does not exist in the V.S. Nelson’s created world, but an Archivist does. With a godlike ability he can possess souls, granting them life after death while possessing their essence. He almost pulled me in, too, with his calm… Read More »The Archivist by V.S. Nelson