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Chuck Tucker investigations

    Chuck Tucker investigations The Club Shooting The beat was sick and the crowd wild. I might’ve had one too many shots, but it didn’t matter when the stunning blonde ran her hands down my chest. We were crammed up against the bar with a bunch of other partygoers, most of them pissed off drunk or on their way to it. I’d ordered her a cocktail, but she was already slurring her words before I squeezed in next to her. A couple of compliments and suggestive comments later and she was leaning into me. Not my usual type, but she was hot as fuck and I didnt bother to care about the rest when she bit down on my earlobe. Fuck. I pulled her closer to me, letting her know exactly what I thought of her sneaky tongue and soft lips sucking on my neck. Her breasts pressed up against my chest were probably fake, but that ass I was gripping was perfectly firm, perfection. It was my day off, nothing to stop me from having some much needed release. The local club, Wicked Angels, was as good a place as any to find what I needed and the woman writhing against me was ready to give it.  There were too many people around. Drunk or not, this wasn’t the place to continue our introductions. She seemed to be on the same page, because as her hands roamed around my chest, her lips uttered exactly what I was thinking. “Let’s get… Read More »Chuck Tucker investigations

    Alice Karpiel

      About the author Tell us your story ? What made you start writing ? I read a lot as a child. I would go to the library and borrow as many books as possible and read them all during the week. Writing came naturally from my avid reading. I started inventing small stories and then I moved to more ambitious ideas. They were definitely too ambitious! I would start writing a novel with no planning, already seeing myself with a 500 pages book. Usually my enthusiasm for the story would fizzle out and I would move on to my next idea after only writing a dozen pages. Then as a teen I decided I really wanted to actually finish a story. So I started writing short stories. I wrote three before moving on to a novel. This time I outlined the book and found a contest to apply to. This deadline helped me actually finish the first draft of the novel. But the editing process seemed too daunting so I kept the novel as a Word document. Same for my second novel that I wrote during NaNo Wrimo. I managed to do the 50k words and was super proud of myself but I dreaded the editing process so much and I felt like finding a publisher would be an impossible task. And then, Corona hit and I found myself talking with one of my best friends, Jenni about writing our very own book. I would have never been able to… Read More »Alice Karpiel

      Through Fire & Ruin by Jennifer Becker and Alice Karpiel

        Some lies are ruin… For centuries, humans have been at the mercy of the fae. With the border between Earth and Liraen spelled shut, humans have no desire to entangle themselves with the fae world again. But what if they are humanity’s only hope? LORA has been warned of the fae her entire life. Yet when a deadly virus sweeps Earth, Lora risks everything to find a cure. Spinning the perfect lie, she makes a deal with Eyden, a mysterious fae trader. As Lora struggles to keep the promises she has made to both her family and Eyden, she is forced to dig deeper into the twisted world of Liraen — her web of lies unravelling. AMIRA has spent years trapped by her brother in her childhood palace. Her engagement to the soon-to-be High King of Liraen is her only hope for the freedom she has been longing for. As the future Queen, she seeks to finally leave her painful past behind. But she soon discovers that the palace holds dark secrets — bringing up memories Amira had long since tried to erase. As power games are woven, promises are broken, and desperate lies are revealed, Lora and Amira both find themselves at crossroads. Will they risk it all and face ruin? This book stole my soul, ripped out my heart and crushed it between the very pages. Wow.  I fell in deep right on the get-go when Lora was introduced. A strong, stubborn female lead that is sure to… Read More »Through Fire & Ruin by Jennifer Becker and Alice Karpiel

        Jennifer Becker

          About the author Tell us your story? What made you start writing?* I’ve pretty much always been an avid reader but I didn’t start writing regularly until a few years ago, actually. When I was in school, I would write a bit for myself every now and then, but nothing was ever finished. I had this thought in my head that writing a book would be crazy and I could never pull it off. Then during my studies (I was a film student), I got into writing scripts which was the first time I saw myself as a writer. Then Corona happened and like everyone else, life changed. I was living in the UK when it started as I had just finished my master’s degree there. When the first lockdown was announced I flew home very last minute, thinking I’d be back. The lockdown was a very weird time. Suddenly, I was home again, all my closest friends were either still in the UK or scattered around the world and no one could travel to anyone, and I was looking for a job in a time when people weren’t really hiring. One day, I was talking to one of my best friends, Alice, and we kind of jokingly decided to come up with an idea for a book and write something for fun. The idea of publishing wasn’t even on the table at first. It was all just for fun and maybe that’s why I wasn’t afraid to try. It quickly… Read More »Jennifer Becker

          Scary Seer

            With Halloween less than a week away, it’s Anastasia Stuart’s last chance to drum up some business for her palm reading and new age store. Instead, she spends her time drawing and wishing for someone to show her the darker side of attraction. Desires she’s never told anyone else.When Watson Adler comes into her shop and purchases a love tea despite professing his doubt over it’s efficacy, she’s left flustered and a little irritated. However, she can’t stop thinking of him, and a handful of encounters with him over the next few days leaves her wondering if something spookier than random chance is pushing him into her path.Will he be the answer to her deepest desires, or someone scarier than she can ever imagine? Soooo… Hmm… Yeah, that just happened. I must say I’m not surprised I managed to see myself in Anastasia, because somehow, even as they are all essentially different, all of Cyprus Hart heroines resemble me in some weird way. I’m in no way as crazy as Ana – because yes, we have another crazy female right here. Totally bonkers! Still, some of her personality quirks hit home in a maddening way. The other ones made me feel embarrassed and awkward as I read through them. I’ll never admit it again, but perhaps they felt too close to my own quirks as well. Either way I might or might’ve not been reading this book blushing. Okaay, Ana… She has a wild thought process. She gets lost in… Read More »Scary Seer

            Turkey Troubles

              Autumn Hawk wakes up one morning, seized with a desire to visit her family for Thanksgiving. The only problem is she’s in London, they’re in Nevada, and Thanksgiving is only three days away.Her partner of two years, Edmund Blake, is used to her spontaneous adventures, a steadying force that keeps her life grounded. Their only point of contention is starting their own family. He wants one, and she’s not ready.Will exposure to her family be the spark that sets things off or blows everything up? Right off the bat of finishing the book I’m riding on adorable vibes, but it wasn’t adorable all the way through. Oh noo, there was drama, intrigue, rash decisions, shouting, infuriating characters and a lot of love. A lot of love being the main thing you should focus on, because a lot of love is what got Autumn and Edmund to star in the book in the first place. Their relationship is so sweet it just makes my heart swell.  Having been together for two years already Edmund and Autumn know each other through and through, or so they thought. They’ve accepted each other’s flaws and weaknesses, love each other despite all else, but there are some fundamental things they’ve never really discussed. Things, where their opinions do not match. Those things come to light during Thanksgiving at Autumn’s parents place where Edmund and Autumn fight against odds to stay together regardless of countless jabs and accusations delicately pointed their way. I said this book… Read More »Turkey Troubles