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Soul Marked by Lissa Bolts

    Oh, hey. Nora here. Soooo magic is definitely real. And I guess I’ve been living under a rock because now they’re telling me that I’m the last in a long line of practically extinct jinn.  Nuts, right? I’m having trouble believing it myself, but that’s not even my biggest problem. I’ve got fatter fae to fry. Like the fact that I put my trust in the wrong person.  It sucks because I thought he was different, that he actually cared for me. Boy, was I wrong. Now, I’m locked up in a strange place with stranger people and I’ve got one goal on my mind: escape. Revenge too, but we’ll get there eventually.  Everyone wants something from me, my list of mortal enemies is growing, and I’m having a hard time finding anyone I can trust. To top it off, my newfound powers are causing serious problems.  When it rains, it pours.  Literally. Because apparently, I can control the weather… among other things.  It’s a good thing I’m a quick learner because I’m the new key player in a deadly game of magic where I don’t even know the rules. And when I finally find Rafe, I’ll make him pay with the one thing ripe for my taking… His soul. This is the second book in an all-new urban fantasy series: Stones & Curses. It’s got dragons, fae, vampires, jinn, shifters, and a whole lot more. If you love fierce heroines, heart-pumping adventure, a hint of swoony romance, and lots… Read More »Soul Marked by Lissa Bolts

    Wish Marked by Lissa Bolts

      Hi. I’m Nora, and I bring people’s worst nightmares to life. Everyone needs a hobby, right? Well, in my case, that’s making people’s wishes come true, but in the worst possible way. Sometimes people even wind up dead. I know, I know. It sounds crazy. But the truth is, I don’t do it on purpose. I’m cursed, and I’m running out of time to fix it. Enter Rafe Morgan, the dangerously gorgeous and impossibly stubborn man I just met at a bar in my search for answers. I never invited him on my curse-breaking she-quest, but that didn’t stop him from coming along anyway. He’s already saved my life more than once, so for now… he can stay. But how can I be sure he’s really on my side? He knows more than he’s saying, and I can’t help but question his motives. Unfortunately for me, there’s more at stake than I realized, and I’m about to learn the hard way just how far I’ll go to stay alive. I’ve searched my whole life and found nothing. No answers. No cure. Not one hint about making this nightmare curse disappear. Well, that is… until today. This is the first book in an all-new urban fantasy series: Stones & Curses. It’s got dragons, fae, vampires, jinn, shifters, and a whole lot more. If you love fierce heroines, heart-pumping adventure, a hint of swoony romance, and lots of mind-bending twists, then this is the series for you! Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Steam: Non-excistent, but… Read More »Wish Marked by Lissa Bolts

      PD Alleva

        About the author Tell us your story? What made you start writing? I’ve been writing since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I remember writing short stories as early as second grade, and used to write fan fiction after seeing movies that I really enjoyed, like Ghostbusters, or The Goonies. Wrote my first novel at the age of twelve, so I’ve always been a writer. I’ve spent the last two decades as a hypnotist and psychotherapist specializing in treating PTSD and have had stellar success in the industry. A few years ago, I started taking a smaller role in my private practice to switch careers and live as a writer, which is the only time I seem to find peace. If I’m not writing, I notice those stories seem to spill over into my personal life, so if you ask me, I’m never more satisfied than when I’m writing. I’ve got a creative itch that drives me batty if I’m not writing. I love the creative process and there’s nothing better than putting a book together. What do you wish other people knew about you? I overcome depression and PTSD symptoms by using a simple behavior modification system that changes the internal default mode emotional frequency vibration. That doesn’t mean that I never feel depressed, but what it does mean is that when the depression takes hold I have the skills to transition the depression from what would be a ten on a 1-10 scale to a four, which… Read More »PD Alleva

        The Color of Your Voice by Daniel Newwyn

          Violet Pham can see sounds. She believes she was born to become a painter, but after being labeled as good-for-nothing by everyone around her, she questions that belief. As she falls deep into the pits of depression, the colors around the sounds become a curse rather than a gift. With her future unsettled and her family mired in debt, Violet decides to run away from everything. Turner Nguyen—the gang enforcer tasked with browbeating Violet’s mother—is the last person she should turn to. However, her impression of him changes after he escorts her out of town, away from her troubled past. She finds herself increasingly dependent on him, but with his gang’s political conflict reaching its climax, Turner can barely steer his own life. And when salvation comes at the cost of morality, a wrong decision can send them down the path of destruction. Sets in 2010s Vietnam, ‘The Color of Your Voice’ poses the question of universal expectation toward traditional social class, gender roles, and mental illness. Following the love story of two individuals walking on the knife’s edge between chasing their dreams and surrendering to their fates, Daniel Newwyn’s debut novella is bound to break some hearts. Disclaimer: ‘The Color of Your Voice’ is a novella set in Vietnam, dealing with heavy themes such as prostitution, drug trafficking, and depression. The author in no way encourages or glorifies prostitution and drug trafficking. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – very strong 5 stars💔💔💔💔💔 – I’m also giving this book 5 broken hearts, because it… Read More »The Color of Your Voice by Daniel Newwyn

          Fast Flick by Devi Duarta

            Tyler “Fast Flick” Handro never let an opportunity slip. Especially when it included pretty girls.After two years of touring, barhopping and playing a game of darts felt like coming home again.Using it as a lousy setup to gain her phone number? Absolutely! Because, goddamn, his teammate certainly did not leave things unfazed.And he didn’t just mean the bad boy in his pants.Because playing a song in front of thousands of fans in his boxer shorts to win her back probably meant she could have tattooed her name on his heart. Chenoa Cipriani kept herself on a down-low. Well, as much as a stripper could.Until she caught this cheeky guy’s attention. And she wasn’t even twirling around a pole.Daddy issues aside, he probably would be cocky enough not to help her overcome those, anyway.And sure, he would not find out what she did for a living before she had her ducks in a row, right?She was wrong on so many levels.Deceiving the ones she loved was in her blood, after all. Fast Flick follows the story of Tyler and Chenoa. Tyler is just back from a world tour with his band, Chenoa works as a strip- I mean exotic dancer. It is incredibly exciting to see their relationship unfold, since Tyler is a no-commitment kind of guy, but falls so hard for Che he can’t even think straight and Chenoa is keeping her proffession secret. All of their encounters are hot and steamy! Both of the characters are layered and so… Read More »Fast Flick by Devi Duarta