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I’m being watched

    You know that feeling as if someone is staring at you, but when you look around, there’s nobody there. Or well, yes, the hallway is full of people, but none of them are looking at me. Dylan next to me does not show any signs of agitation, either, and he’d be the first to jump out of his skin if anything was wrong. Still, the prickling at my neck doesn’t subside.  Actually, ever since that night I spent at Archer’s room that feeling has been a constant companion to me. That’s not to say I think Archer has anything to do with it, he’s not even in the hallway. I saw him rush out of the Politics class and down the main staircase as if his pants were on fire. He certainly wasn’t looking at me, he barely acknowledged me at all.  I mean all are men like that after a kiss? Because the more that I think about it, the surer I am that all we did share was just a kiss. A hella passionate one at that, but nothing more. Yes, I ended up sharing his shirt – somehow – but that doesn’t mean anything. He did bit me, afterall… Anyway, I constantly feel as if I’m being watched. Part of me worries it’s the painting I made in professor Cylabyl’s classroom. The one of a demon that keeps on laughing. It was right after the attack on the university after all. After the night with Archer… I… Read More »I’m being watched


      I expected Volo Noscere to be secure. It is not. I expected Volo Noscere to be a place of knowledge and learning. It could be. It partly is. But it is also overrun by childishness and immature brats. Most of all I expected to be alone, like I’ve always been. I am not alone here. Even though the university has its faults I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

      My mentee doesn’t need my help

        I know, I know I said I would never want to have a mentee. I really don’t care to be looking after anyone else this year. Hell, it’s enough trouble keeping up with Heizat and Greg, when they get in one of their moods. The kind of moods that encourage them to turn water into vodka and offer it to professor Percilla with a straight face and enjoy her outroar after she has taken a sip. You know what I’m talking about. Putting a potion in a drinking water tap was fun, though, I tell you that much. Seeing half of the school – and not just the Fae – walk around in rainbow coloured skin was a highlight of the month. Some of the victims of this prank did not seem to think so, however. The halfling Alfie had an hilarious breakdown when he turned beet red! Surprisingly, my mentee, Evyline, took turning light pink quite well. Pink is a great colour on her… I never thought I’d tolerate her, let alone worry about her. Phhsh, what? No, I am not worried about her. Professor Eyorn wouldn’t take a first year on a mission to Waitomo Caves if he’d thought they couldn’t handle themselves. I haven’t seen her use her magic and have no clue of the scope of her abilities. I shouldn’t even be thinking about it. Professor Eyorn’s missions are always full of excitement and nothing to worry about. A dragon? Ha, there is probably no dragon… Read More »My mentee doesn’t need my help

        Vampire Diaries – wait, what?

          My research into Vampires, daylight and their dietary restrictions has taken an interesting turn. No, this research was not assigned by any professor. No, I do not volunteeringly take up a research project that is not assigned by any professor. Why am I doing this research project that is not signed by any professor at the school, you may ask? I love a good mystery and Vampires have managed to stay secretive even after the MPA (Magical Peace Act) took place. It might also have a teeeeny bit to do with a certain brooding Vampire that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s not like I know him that well, but he has been acting a bit strange lately. When I pointed out to Finley, who knows more about Vampires than anyone else I know – because she is one herself! – that perhaps he is hungry she dismissed the idea. Vampires don’t volunteeringly keep themselves hungry since it could make them a danger to everyone around them. That’s the last thing they want after having such a hard time being part of the peace negotiation years ago. The university provides them all they need to be able to attend like any other creature: healthy meal plan and daylight spells. Now the origin of daylight spells is as fascinating to me as Vampires feeding schedule. There is as little to find about it as there is about anything else you might want to know about the species, but I did manage… Read More »Vampire Diaries – wait, what?