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Rain, oh rain

    Tylon’s Blog Rain spells are a bunch of crap. Half an hour of repeating the same lines did nothing to change the weather. I can’t believe professor McBee is making us do it again next week. Greg and Heizat didn’t start saying “pioggia” right until the professor started shouting. The small explosion on the rooftop was not caused by them, however. They talked about it the whole lunch break! Oh how they wished it was them causing ALL the mayhem on campus.

    Shapeshifting is fun!

      Lisanna’s Blog I’ve been trying to see how many different animals I can shapeshift into. The crocodile was an interesting experience that I won’t be trying again. But running as a cheetah was so much fun! Dylan couldn’t keep up with me even if he tried.

      First time flying!

        Evyline’s Blog I never would’ve believed that my parents would allow me to travel to Rome by myself. Well… not all the way. They did drive me to the airport in Warsaw. It was more than a three hour drive, early in the morning. It is a good thing Byral and Lyselli stayed home with Fyhal looking after them, because the ride was nerve-wracking already without my sister’s excited chitter.  Mom was fussing about everything all the way: do I have the tickets, did I remember to take my passport, am I sure I’m going to be alright?  Yes. Yes. And I don’t know. The more she asked it, the more nervous I started to get. By the time they left me alone, in the airport gates, I had to take deep breaths to calm myself. I almost forgot to take my backpack after the baggage scanner. I got through security just fine, the few potions I did pack were all in the bigger bag I gave away at the check-in. Dad reminded me to leave my water bottle with them, before I stepped through the security gates. They waved goodbye and my mom called out “I love you, stay safe!” one last time. Some people stopped to stare and I just waved back and smiled. She texted me as soon as they were back in the car. I was waiting in the line to get my bag checked and had nothing new to tell her! All alone in the… Read More »First time flying!

        Australian Eruption Spews Record-Breaking Amounts of Lava, With No Signs of Slowing

          BY PETRA SCHEWERTS, JOURNALIST OF MAGIC AND EXPERT IN HUMAN MEDIA PUBLISHED 12 JUNE, 2024 A tremendous gush of lava in Victoria, Australia that began six weeks ago shows no signs of slowing. The eruption on Mount Napier has spewed out enough molten rock so far to fill 740 Empire State buildings and has buried, on average, an area the size of an NFL football field every 5.5 minutes. At this rate, the lava flow will soon be larger than any seen for more than two centurie. And there’s no telling when it will stop—months, maybe, or years. There are no magical communities living in Mount Napier State Park and Magical High Council has deemed this eruption purely a human problem.