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Fast Flick by Devi Duarta

    Tyler “Fast Flick” Handro never let an opportunity slip. Especially when it included pretty girls.After two years of touring, barhopping and playing a game of darts felt like coming home again.Using it as a lousy setup to gain her phone number? Absolutely! Because, goddamn, his teammate certainly did not leave things unfazed.And he didn’t just mean the bad boy in his pants.Because playing a song in front of thousands of fans in his boxer shorts to win her back probably meant she could have tattooed her name on his heart. Chenoa Cipriani kept herself on a down-low. Well, as much as a stripper could.Until she caught this cheeky guy’s attention. And she wasn’t even twirling around a pole.Daddy issues aside, he probably would be cocky enough not to help her overcome those, anyway.And sure, he would not find out what she did for a living before she had her ducks in a row, right?She was wrong on so many levels.Deceiving the ones she loved was in her blood, after all. Fast Flick follows the story of Tyler and Chenoa. Tyler is just back from a world tour with his band, Chenoa works as a strip- I mean exotic dancer. It is incredibly exciting to see their relationship unfold, since Tyler is a no-commitment kind of guy, but falls so hard for Che he can’t even think straight and Chenoa is keeping her proffession secret. All of their encounters are hot and steamy! Both of the characters are layered and so… Read More »Fast Flick by Devi Duarta

    Division X by August Hill

      Twenty-four years old, no job, and kicked out by her parents, Randi Matheson is living at her aunt and uncle’s trying her hardest to complete a novel she can’t seem to start when a carnivorous monster interrupts her middling life on a full moon night. Attacked during an ordinary family dinner, Randi’s relatives are murdered, and she is bitten by the beast. Surviving the slaughter, Randi returns home to her distressed family only to become a monster herself under the next full moon. Nearly devouring her younger brother, she is stopped by the intervention of Division X, a company devoted to the killing and capture of paranormal threats. She awakens in a containment cell the next morning to be given an ultimatum… work for them as a new weapon in the fight against evil or be dissected. A cure to her lycanthropy is promised along the way, and with real motivation to stay alive, Randi pushes herself to the brink to return to her normal life. Small town horrors lie in wait with even smaller heroes to stand against them. Can Randi save them and herself, or will everything crumble to the wills of evil? Randi gets pulled into the paranormal strike team after most of her aunt’s family is killed by a werewolf. Together with Becca, her niece, they are the only survivors of the attack and nobody believes their story. Except for Randy’s new boss of course.  This fantasy book is bloody and action filled, but at the… Read More »Division X by August Hill

      Pulstar I – The Swan Barely Remembers by Giancarlo Roversi

        Three strangers who share a forgotten past confront a vengeance they incited when their bodies weren’t human. In Astralvia, a nation on the brink, astronomer Jeral Murh’s life is in limbo. She’s woken from a coma with fresh memories and is certain of two things: Her past actions are already haunting her present.She is not entirely human.She must abscond from Astralvia before an ancient enemy wreaks revenge. Everything is against her. Also, she must find Aris Castilho, her former ally, and make him remember what they once meant to each other. She can’t leave without him. Will she find Aris and convince him of their common past? Will they reach Esther, their third ally? Time is short … the ultimate reckoning is coming … and it’s unthinkable, indescribable—the worst thing that can happen to any human being. Find out the fate of this trio of allies in this puzzling sci-fi thriller, where the stunning ending is just the beginning. Get ready to reflect on your place in the cosmos, your raison d’être, and what being human actually means. Riddled with mystery, suspense, and a smattering of romance, Pulstar I: The Swan Barely Remembers is the enigmatic and addictive first installment in the Pulstar trilogy; although you can also read it as a stand-alone novel. It took over ten years to make and has a soundtrack in production. Watch out for books 2 and 3, due for publication this year. This book is everything you’d wish a sci-fi dystopian speculative fiction… Read More »Pulstar I – The Swan Barely Remembers by Giancarlo Roversi

        Donnie by Jennifer Marcia

          Donnie Lowe never stopped loving the first woman to own his heart. She was his secret lover ten years ago. At the time, he wanted to protect her. She was young and innocent with her whole life ahead of her. He was the President of a gun-running MC. He didn’t have a right to corrupt her, but he’d done it anyway. Aurora Dewitt isn’t the same woman she’d been a decade ago when she asked her lover to kill the man who had murdered her little sister. Having left the only man who had ever really owned her heart because he didn’t want her in his world, she clawed her way to the top of her own criminal enterprise. Aurora didn’t need a man to do her dirty work now. They had every intention of leaving the past where it belonged. They didn’t know working together to stop the Cartel would bring back so many memories. It was only supposed to be a way to release stress; neither of them wanted to relive the rejection of their past together. How could they know they’d never stopped loving each other? If you like:– motorcycle clubs-criminal enterprises-second chance romance-age gap-spice-bad assery then Donnie is the book for you! Aurora is a bad ass head of a cage fighting enterprice, having worked herself up on the criminal ladder after her sister died. She has avoided Donnie ever since, because he refused to off her sister’s killer for her, which is why Aurora found… Read More »Donnie by Jennifer Marcia

          The Rose by PD Alleva

            A dystopian science fiction thriller of telepathic evil greys, mysterious rebellion, martial arts, and Alien Vampires. Sandy Cox believed WWIII was over. But for those Alien Vampires, War Has Just Begun. Forty-eight hours after a World War III treaty is signed, Sandy Cox awakens in an underground compound unable to move. Tied to machines she screams for help but no one answers. At least no one human. And they’ve taken her unborn child. Phil is a rebel freedom fighter who has had more than his share of Alien Vampires. Armed with THE BLADES, a sacred alien martial art, he enters the compound on a mission to find Sandy. But as he battles through the compound, Phil discovers Sandy has her own agenda. Finding her stolen child is all that matters. But the vampires have their own plan and Sandy’s baby is at the heart of their diabolical plot. Joined by a crew of rogue soldiers, they must navigate the underground compound, battling genetically mutated humans, aliens and monsters. When battling Alien Vampires, one thing is certain… Get Ready To Bleed! My Review: This book! This book is just absolutely brilliant! Incredibly written, a story that is gripping and quite literally left me stunned at several places throughout. We’ve got a world war 3, land devastated by war, people in refugee camps taken to underground laboratoriums, mass murders and to top it all of ALIEN VAMPIRES! The way this whole scenario comes together is so incredibly brilliant you’ll have to read… Read More »The Rose by PD Alleva