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Eternally Yours by Harper A. Brooks and Olivia Boothe

    She wasn’t looking for love. He gave her forever… After being attacked by a wolf-like creature and left for dead, Loren Stone wakes up in the house of a mysterious and sexy stranger. Something within her has changed. Her veins crave human blood. But it’s another type of hunger she finds herself fighting to control… her unrelenting need for Nicholas Guerra. She should hate the vampire who took everything she loved from her, yet is thrust into a battle against her own burning desire for him. After centuries of being groomed to be the next vampire leader, Nicholas turned his back on his family to live among the humans. The last thing he expected was for his immortal life to collide with that of a mortal female. Then he watched Loren get attacked by the beast sent for him. Unwilling to let her die, he’s forced to sire her. However Nicholas never expected to fall in love, and now he aches for the one woman he’s forbidden to have. My review: “Ancient vampires, killer wolves, a secret human organization, immortality, and a love I never saw coming…” Eternally Yours is an amazing paranormal romance story. The story doesn’t follow your average vampire novel plot line. Instead it brings something new and refreshing to the readers who adore anything paranormal. Right from the get go it is hot and passionate, lovingly written and keeps you wanting for more.  Loren is your every day nurse, with long working hours, cramped apartment that… Read More »Eternally Yours by Harper A. Brooks and Olivia Boothe