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Rome is so pretty!

    Evyline’s Blog Rome is so pretty! I know, I know, not having visited any big cities I have nothing to compare it to. The villages in Bialowieza forest were all small and mostly agricultural. I’ll tell you about that in one of the later posts. But Rome!! Wow. I had a whole day of discovering the city. It is lucky I had the Volo Noscere’s magical map with me, because I would’ve surely lost my way without it. I took a boat ride on Tiber river. The tour guide, Nori, as I later figured out was a water Nymph. She had on a disguising rune and I didn’t notice she wasn’t a human until she drew a rune on my arm without a comment. It was windy on the boat and my ears had been showing! I should definitely be more careful around humans. I will be posting more pirctures when I get around to it, now I’ve got to prepare for the school year. The lessons are starting in two days!!